False Chimneys

False Chimneys False Chimneys False Chimneys False Chimneys

False Chimneys

Our CGMA quality assured GRP chimneys provide an excellent alternative to traditionally constructed stacks, offering speed of construction and extra floor space within the home.

False Chimneys
  • Offered in brick, stone and render finishes, using exactly the same material being supplied to the property
  • Finished with traditional style caps and pots or bespoke detailing when required
  • Suitable for Class 1 and Class 2 twin wall flue systems
  • Constructed in factory conditions to be pointed on-site and lifted into position on the rafter trusses
  • Gable, mid-range and mono pitch suitability


“GB Construction are an asset to our supply chain. The whole team fully understands what is important to us as a customer, and with anything we throw at them, they just seem to be able to sort it. With them understanding how our sites work and the speed we build at, this helps the whole team pre-empt the deliveries on time, exactly when needed. They’re organised, they prioritises and ultimately get the job done.”

Joshua Collis – Chief Buyer, Harron Homes Ltd.