Stone Coat

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Stone Coat

Stone-Coat mouldings can be made to suit any profile. If it can be drawn and detailed, we can make it. As you can see from the images above, coping stones, door surrounds, cills, heads, keystones and dentils are all options that can be included when specifying Stone-Coat mouldings.

From the more complex shapes of columns and balustrades, to a simple band course, Stone-Coat offers you total design flexibility.

Mouldings can be manufactured in any profile, shape and colour. A unique stone effect product that solves the weight issues of traditional cast stone, meets the requirements of the Health & Safety executive and allows the designer complete flexibility. It not only looks great but offers a cost-effective option against more traditional alternatives.


How Its Made

Stone-Coat mouldings are the unique lightweight solution for your building, with maximum strength and durability, these mouldings can be created in any profile and shape.

How Its Made


Stone-Coat architectural decorative products will enhance the appearance of homes at a very reasonable cost. Whether it be new build or refurbishment, the addition of
Stone-Coat mouldings will give residential properties a unique visual appearance.


Stone-Coat offers a perfect solution for the design and use on commercial projects. We can provide a complete range of architectural shapes to suit any specification. From a simple coping to a more detailed cornice or decorative band course, Stone-Coat has the answer.


When used in conjunction with render as a stone dressing alternative, the installation of Stone-Coat decorative mouldings is fast and easy. Stone-Coat products will save time and labour but not compromise the finished effect.


Stone-Coat is ideally suited as a retro fit option, to enhance the aesthetic appearance of any building. It is easily installed, low maintenance and very cost effective.

Stone Coat Parapet Coping System


The revolutionary parapet coping system has been awarded NHBC Accepts Certification.
Utilising our ultra-lightweight Stone-Coat material, in conjunction with an EPDM waterproofing membrane, our system provides a fully weatherproof parapet, whilst negating the need to handle and lift heavy coping units into position.